Stuart Bingham (@1.04) vs Alex Borg (@10.0)

Our Prediction:

Stuart Bingham will win

Stuart Bingham – Alex Borg Match Prediction | 03-10-2019 14:00

In the afternoon session both players shared the match's first six frames with a break of 111 from Ding in the third.[57] In frame seven Ding retook the lead with a break of 81 and he established a two frame lead after Davis missed a straightforward red ball shot to a corner pocket to end the first session 53 ahead.[61] In the evening session Davis conceded 33 points in fouls but was still in contention until he was out of position on a run of 40 and Ding took frame nine after 38 minutes.[57] Davis received a reprieve from Ding after missing a simple pink ball shot to claim frame ten,[61] but he missed a blue ball to the middle pocket while on a break of 39 in the eleventh because he concentrated solely on manoeuvring the cue ball.[57][60] It allowed Ding to produce a 77 clearance and he followed it with 52 and 78 runs in the 12th frame to lead 84 at the mid-session interval.

Two top-16 ranked players were defeated in first round; Mark Williams lost to Jak Jones and Barry Hawkins to Daniel Wells both 62.[11] Ding Junhui defeated three fellow Chinese players in the first three rounds, overcoming Zhao Xintong, Xiao Guodong and Liang Wenbo to reach the quarter-finals. Defending champion Mark Allen conceded just four frames to draw Ding, having defeated Sam Craigie, Mark Davis (both 61) and Ali Carter (62).[12][13][14] Allen defeated Ding 63 to reach the semi-finals.

Tournament summary[edit]

Ding Junhui won the tournament, defeating six-time world champion Steve Davis ten frames to six (106) in the final for his second career ranking title. The UK Championship preceded the Malta Cup and followed the Grand Prix. The tournament's highest break of 145 was shared by Davis, John Higgins and Michael Holt. In the semi-finals Ding beat Joe Perry 94 and Davis defeated seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry 96. He was the first non-British and Irish person to win the UK Championship, the second youngest player to win it since Ronnie O'Sullivan triumphed in the 1993 competition.

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Stuart Bingham

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Qualifying for the event took place 1417 June 2019 in Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield, England. Trump and Allen tied for the highest break during the televised stages, both scoring 141, with Trump also making 12 centuries throughout the tournament. Tom Ford made the highest break of qualifying, with a maximum break, the fourth of his career, in his 61 win in qualifying over Fraser Patrick.

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