Racing 92 (@1.08) vs Bayonne (@9.0)

Our Prediction:

Racing 92 will win

Racing 92 – Bayonne Match Prediction | 21-08-2019

Against Racing last week, they were kept tryless, converting a single penalty to the visitors 16. At home in that game, it did not really seem to matter as Racing were more their own worst enemies in not scoring more points. Bayonne were the playoff winners from the D2 promotion match, but they have found the going really tough. Teams like Grenoble and Bordeaux have scored over 40 points on them, and they have only managed one win in their nine games, against Toulon no less, in their opening game of the season.

The Racing team loaded with stars like Chris Masoe and Yannick Nyanga were error ridden just when you thought they were going to make it happen there would be the inevitable knock on or forward pass. I cant blame Goosen or Bayonnes flyhalf, Willie du Plessis, for one of the most frustrating and downright boring games I have seen in a while. Romain Poite made liberal use of the TMO which slowed the game down even further.


Youd think that Bayonne need to have another win in them, but they are so down in the dumps at the moment that they dont even look like a surprising threat when facing opposition even in the same boat as them. Brive will be targeting this game, but wont be taking it for granted, they know that regardless of who they play, any game is difficult. However, Brive will put on a polished display and win by at least 10 points.

Brive have shown some glimpses of good performances, especially when they had a late season charge last year, pushing themselves to eighth, two spots away from making the playoffs. Brive did suffer a bit of a hammering at home against Clermont last week as the dominant yellows put 40 points on the plucky rivals. Currently they hover in at 10th, but they will be backing themselves for a simple win against the struggling Brive regardless of it being away from home.

Goosen could have thrown a dummy pass letting Tameifuna run past and then throw the pass out wide or he could have looped a pass over Tameifuna. I think that Goosens behaviour was one of a spoilt brat. Having forwards run lines off a flyhalf is normal and should be expected and a flyhalf should be able to react quickly to whatever unexpected things that happen. That ball needed to get out wide and the answer was never to try shoot a pass into Tameifuna. I felt he threw that pass out of frustration and by shooting it into Tameifuna was spiteful.

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Imagine the critism Goosen would get for doing that in a Bok top. One of these show and goes was just inside his 22m area. Dewi Morris the former England scrumhalf was commentating on the match and critised Goosen and said in that instance he should have been looking to just clear. In rugby it is inspired if it works but foolish if it doesnt. His decision making was suspect I saw several show and goes, never actually cutting through the defence. I saw the gap that Goosen saw and I liked the adventure. For long periods of that second half Racing were dominant but Goosen never looked like he had any control of this match.

Goosen seemed livid by this, throwing his arms in the air and you could see him shouting in anger and giving Tameifuna a dirty look, walking away he continued his rant looking back at Tameifuna several times thus letting all spectators know that the big tighthead was to blame for ruining a good chance. There was a good attack developing for Racing and there was space and numbers out to the left. Goosen received the ball, the excitement rose and then Goosen fired a pass straight into the enormous Ben Tameifuna who seemed to be in the way.

Dan Carter had pulled out of the Racing team just before kick-off so Johan Goosen started in the fly-half berth.Having read so many comments on the various South African rugby sites stating that Johan Goosen at flyhalf would be the solution to South Africas woes regarding performance, gameplan, attack, defence or whatever else the commentors reckon Goosen will miraculously fix, I thought this was a great opportunity to see what he can do.

Johan Goosen faces lengthy spell on sidelines after horror ankle injury

I was going through the tv schedule and was looking on all the channels to see if there was anything interesting on. Maybe it was because I had already watched rugby earlier in the day but this Top 14 game was hard to stay interested in. I was at home on Saturday night 29th October 2016, I never felt much like going out. Earlier in the day I had watched England lose to New Zealand 16-17 in the rugby league Four Nations tournament. I thought before it starts let me just check the sports channels to see if any rugby was on. I hardly ever watch Rugby League but this was an enjoyable game to watch. I had decided I was going to watch the movie Solomon Kane. I thought Johan Goosen plays for Racing, let me give this a watch and I put it on, the game was in the second half already. Yes there was a Top 14 game between Bayonne and Racing 92. I then watched Leinster, without several players that have been called up to the Ireland squad for the Autumn Internationals, play very well to beat Connacht.