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It thinks it can defeat them. Thousands of people attended their funerals, the biggest republican funerals in Northern Ireland since those of the IRA hunger strikers of 1981.[30]Gerry Adams, in his graveside oration, gave a speech stating the British Government understood that it could buy off the government of the Republic of Ireland, which he described as the "shoneen clan" (that is, Anglophile), but added "it does not understand the Jim Lynaghs, the Pdraig McKearneys or the Samus McElwaines. The IRA members killed in the ambush became known as the "Loughgall Martyrs" among IRA supporters.[29] The men's relatives considered their deaths to be part of a deliberate shoot-to-kill policy by the security forces.

Although Director of Public Prosecutions Eamonn Barnes was pressured by the Irish Government to drop the charges,[14] the eight SAS men stood trial in March 1977. One of the soldiers, a Lance Corporal, broke into a shed, where he was confronted by two IRA members. They were each found guilty and fined 100 for possession of arms and ammunition without firearms licensing.[15] The weapons were returned to the British Government after forensic analysis by the Garda established that they had not used in any crime under investigation by it in the Republic of Ireland.[12] A British military source later explained that the use of a 1:63,000 scale map instead of a 1:20,000 map had led the SAS men to be south of the border without knowing it.[15] In 1976, there were another 54 incursions by British forces inside the Republic's boundaries.[7] On 28 October 1986 there was another cross-border incident in which a British soldier was arrested by the Garda after an IRA mortar attack on Drummuckavall British Army watchtower in County Armagh. A red Ford Escort was pursued while escaping across the border towards Thomas Murphy's farm by soldiers of the Scots Guards. The soldier had inadvertently crossed the border and after a brief brawl with the two men, a Garda patrol arrived at the scene and arrested the soldier.

Two RUC officers were shot dead and the base was raked with gunfire before being destroyed by a bomb.[8] The second was an attack on the part-time base at The Birches, County Armagh, in August 1986. In 1985 and 1986, the East Tyrone Brigade carried out two attacks on RUC bases in their operational area, described by author Mark Urban as "spectaculars".[5] The first was an assault on Ballygawley base in December 1985. The bomb detonated, destroying much of the base and damaging nearby buildings. In July 1983, the East Tyrone Brigade carried out a landmine attack on an Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) mobile patrol near Ballygawley, killing three UDR soldiers (a fourth UDR soldier died later). The base was raked with gunfire and a JCB digger with a 200lb (91kg) bomb in its bucket was driven through the perimeter fence.

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His murder was the IRA's first act of terrorism since the Government replied on Thursday to Sinn Fin's 20 questions about the Downing Street Declaration.[55] His elder brother, Nigel McCollum, a civilian contractor to the Ministry of Defence, had died in a South Armagh Brigade mortar attack[56] one year earlier, on 8 March 1993, while working inside an Army base near Keady. A British Army helicopter was fired on in the aftermath of the ambush.[54] Another fatality was a RIR soldier, Private Reginald McCollum, from Cookstown who was abducted and shot dead while on leave; his body was found in the outskirts of Armagh City on 21 May 1994. At least five members of the security forces were killed by the IRA in around this area during the same period.[52][53] Among the killed were two constables shot dead while driving a civilian type vehicle in Fivemiletown's main street on 12 December 1993.

In 2012 a Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) club in Tyrone distanced itself from a republican commemoration of those killed in the ambush. This was in response to a complaint from Democratic Unionist Party Assemblyman William McCrea accusing the GAA of turning a blind eye to "republican terrorist" events in the last years. GAA Central Council official reply was that "The GAA has strict protocols and rules in place regarding the use of property for Political purposes.

On 1 January 1991, a British Army outpost was fired on by an IRA unit at Aughnacloy.[33] In May, an IRA unit firing a light machine gun disrupted a UDR mobile checkpoint at Lurgylea road, north of Cappagh. No casualties were reported.[34] On 3 June, three IRA men, Lawrence McNally, Michael "Pete" Ryan, and Tony Doris, died in another SAS ambush at Coagh, where their car was riddled with gunfire.

The British Army shot dead all of the IRA attackers, a passing innocent civilian being also killed in the exchange of fire. On 8 May 1987, eight members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) launched an attack on the village's Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) station but were intercepted by a Special Air Service (SAS) unit of twenty-four. The incident is known as the Loughgall ambush.

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SAS operations against the IRA also continued. The East Tyrone Brigade continued to be active until the last Provisional IRA ceasefire ten years later.

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A Garda Sochna officer stated that the bridge was at least half in the Republic, and the British Army officer on the scene disputed this. The Irish Army then deployed a unit of soldiers and its commander, armed with a submachine gun, demanded that the British Army surrender their explosives. A British patrol was laying explosive charges to destroy the bridge, as part of an effort to destroy bridges and roads being used by the Provisional IRA to import arms and supplies from the Republic of Ireland into Northern Ireland. On 28 October 1971, a confrontation took place between British and Irish troops at a cross-border bridge between the Republic and Northern Ireland, at the village of Munnelly, between counties Fermanagh and Monaghan.

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The NI Horticulture and Plant Breeding Station is set in the Loughgall Manor Estate, surrounded by mature woodlands and overlooking the Lough Gall. In 1947 the estate was purchased from Major-General G.W.R. The estate was established in the late 17th century by Sir Anthony Cope of Hanwell, Oxfordshire and became the Cope family home for 350 years. Templer (later Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer), a descendant of the original owner, by the (then) Ministry of Agriculture.

O'Donnell had been released without charges for possession of weapons on two different occasions in the past.[39] Whereas the previous ambushes of IRA men had been well planned by Special Forces, the Clonoe killings owed much to a series of mistakes by the IRA men in question. Two IRA men escaped from the scene, but the four named above were killed. Another four IRA members were killed in an ambush in February 1992. A support vehicle further compromised the getaway by flashing its emergency lights. The IRA men were intercepted by the SAS as they were trying to dump the lorry and escape in cars in the car park of Clonoe Roman Catholic church, whose roof was set on fire by Army flares. After the shooting they drove past the house of Tony Doris, the IRA man killed the previous year, where they fired more shots in the air and were heard to shout, "Up the 'RA, that's for Tony Doris". They had mounted a heavy DShK machine gun on the back of a stolen lorry, driven right to the RUC/British Army station and opened fire with tracer ammunition at the fortified base at point-blank range, when the long-range of the weapon would enable them to fire from a safe distance. No efforts were made to conceal the firing position or the machine gun. The four, Peter Clancy, Kevin Barry O'Donnell, Sean O'Farrell and Patrick Vincent, were killed at Clonoe after an attack on the RUC station in Coalisland. The six attackers gathered on the same spot, instead of vanishing separately.

The Volunteers killed at Loughgall were Declan Arthurs (21), Tony Gormley (24), Eugene Kelly (25), Pdraig McKearney (32), Jim Lynagh (31), Gerard O'Callaghan (28), Seamus Donnelly (19) and unit commander Patrick Joseph Kelly (30). This was the IRA's greatest loss of life in a single incident since the days of the Anglo-Irish War (19191922). On 8 May 1987, at least eight members of the brigade launched another attack on the unmanned Loughgall RUC base. However, as their attack was underway, the IRA unit was ambushed by a Special Air Service (SAS) unit. The SAS shot dead eight IRA members and a civilian who had accidentally driven into the ambush. Six IRA members from a supporting unit managed to escape. The IRA unit used the same tactics as it had done in The Birches attack.[10][11] It destroyed a substantial part of the base with a 200lb bomb and raked the building with gunfire.