Khabib Nurmagomedov (@1.29) vs Conor McGregor (@3.5)

Our Prediction:

Khabib Nurmagomedov will win

Khabib Nurmagomedov – Conor McGregor Match Prediction | 01-01-2020 21:00

While both men have gaps where the other excels, its a lot lot easier for me to see Khabib surviving just long enough standing to get McGregor down than it is to see McGregor surviving long enough under Khabib to get back up and start doing damage again. Zane Simon (@TheZaneSimon) - Gotta take Khabib all the way.

Volkov is on a good run right now but it will be interesting to see how he fares against one of the heaviest punchers in the business. Volkov has a four inch height advantage but only a one inch reach advantage so if he can keep Lewis at a distance, he has a chance at winning this fight. But if Lewis gets near him, the Black Beast can take him down or can slug it out with him.

Im not convinced that he will finish McGregor, though, despite the Irishmans penchant for gassing. I wont bet on it because I kinda, sorta want Conor to win, and I never bet against my preference, but I think the odds are ~60/40 in favor of Khabib taking Conor down and roughing him up. Conor seems to have put himself through a very grueling camp in preparation for a very grueling fight, and I do expect him to have a few fleeting moments of success, maybe even in the later rounds until he gets dragged down again. Hell snap the Russians head back a couple of times, giving his fans flashes of hope ... Andrew Pearson (@Vorpality) - Three words: Khabib, 13 seconds. No, but seriously, probably Khabib. but ultimately, Im predicting that Nurmys large adult skull can absorb that left.

Ferguson has a record of 23-3 with 9 knockouts and 9 submissions. Tony Ferguson was supposed to fight Khabib at UFC 223 for the lightweight title but he suffered a freak accident and was replaced by Al Iaquinta. Now El Cucuy sets his sights at the winner of the main event but he must first defeat former champion Anthony Pettis. He is currently on a lightweight record 10 fight winning streak.

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The thing with Pettis is that even at age 31, he may be past his prime. Pettis has looked like the shadow of his old self in recent years and against a guy oozing with confidence in Ferguson, that could be a problem. He has struggled for form in the last four years and no longer has the swag and confidence of the man known as Showtime.

Now that its down to the wire and someone is asking me to make an honest to God choice, my gut is telling me McGregor. Stephie Haynes (@CrooklynMMA) - Ive been on the fence about this fight since it was first announced and have gone back and forth no less than 100 times. Both men are incredibly talented, but I think Conors power is going to be the game-changer and will bring an early end to the contest.

Tim Bissell (@timobiss) - Im not a good enough of an analyst to divorce what I want to happen from what I think will happen. What I want from this fight is chaos, both in the moment and for the future of the UFC (with a star whose control over their own career could bring about fundamental - maybe even cataclysmic - change for the promotion).

Khabib prefers to be more selective with his strikes, landing nearly as often, but with less force. Khabib is a natural wrestler and while his results show a well-rounded game, its clear that his wrestling is his greatest strength. This allows him two benefits, with the first being he doesnt get hit very often himself (1.55 SApM to Conors 4.55) and secondly his strike set up his grappling.

In the Michael Johnson fight if you rewatch that sequence where the Dagestanian was rocked youll see a fighter shaken up for a split second after taking one on the chin and quickly regaining his composure. Hey Jamie pull that up real quick! Were talking about a guy who mauled one of the hardest hitters in the division and then decided mid fight he was going to have a sparring session with him. Can McGregor catch the unbeaten Sambo destroyer? Tony Fagnano (@BigToneMMA) - MMA Today News: Khabib. Well, maybe not. Sure, everyone has a punchers chance and the Irishmans takedown defense is nothing to scoff at. But hes chinny and McGregor has the touch of death you say.