Chun-Yi Lin (@1.57) vs Yupeng Bai (@2.25)

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Chun-Yi Lin will win

Chun-Yi Lin – Yupeng Bai Match Prediction | 02-10-2019 06:50

From 1985 to 1987, he did postdoctoral research in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. In January 1978, after graduating from the university, Bai Chunli was assigned to the Chinese Academy of Sciences' applied chemistry department, which was the beginning of his research career in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 1996, he was the Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; in 2011, he took over from Lu Yongxiang as sixth President of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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We find that firms respond to IDD adoption by reducing the level of disclosure regarding their customers identities, supporting the proprietary cost hypothesis. ABSTRACT: This study exploits the staggered adoption of the inevitable disclosure doctrine (IDD) by U.S. Overall, this study represents one of the first efforts in identifying and quantifying the causal effect of proprietary costs of disclosure on the supply of disclosure. state courts as an exogenous shock that generates variations in the proprietary costs of disclosure. Our results are stronger for firms in industries with a higher degree of entry threats, for firms in more volatile industries, and for firms with a lower degree of external financing dependence.

After high school he joined the Down to the Countryside Movement with other young people. In 1966, he went to middle school, graduating with a High School Certificate in 1970, at the time of the Cultural Revolution. In 1974, after the whole soldiers' secret ballot[clarification needed] and the exam, Bai Chunli was recommended to be a student at Peking University graduating in 1978. Bai Chunli worked in the Inner Mongolia production and construction corps for four years. Bai's father was a primary school teacher who encouraged Bai to read.

Bai's research is mainly in the field of nanotechnology[6][7][8] and scanning tunneling microscopy,[9][10][11] where his work focuses on scanning probe microscopy techniques, and molecular nano-structure, as well as nanotechnology research.[12] He has published a large number of books in both Chinese and English. He was an alternate committee member of the 15th and the 16th CPC Central Committee, and the sixth Vice President of the China Association for Science and Technology.

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Further, we find a larger reduction in audit hours when acquirers are Chinese domestic Big 10 audit firms and when client firms are more complex. Instead, we find an increase in audit fees when acquirers are international Big 4 audit firms even when we control for possible changes in market power. We find a significant reduction in audit hours, unaccompanied by a deterioration in audit quality, of merged audit firms. Our analysis is made possible by a unique dataset of audit hours in China. This premium is at least partially due to the certification effect of international Big 4 audit firms. However, enhanced efficiency does not necessarily reduce audit fees. ABSTRACT: We examine efficiency improvement associated with audit firm mergers. These results are consistent with the notion of economies of scale arising from horizontal mergers.

Bai Chunli (Chinese: ; born September 26, 1953) is a Chinese physical chemist, nanoscientist, and politician. He is President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Professor of the CAS Institute of Chemistry.

Supporting tax capitalization, IPO offer prices decrease in long-term capital gains taxes. Supporting lock-in, IPO underpricing increases in the long-term and short-term tax rate differential. ABSTRACT: We investigate the extent to which capitalization of expected capital gains taxes and the lock-in effect induced by the capital gains tax rate differential simultaneously impact the pricing and underpricing of initial public offerings (IPOs). Using a large sample of IPOs from 1987 to 2010, we estimate regressions of offer prices and first-day underpricing on tax rates. These effects are consistent with capital gains taxes simultaneously reducing IPO proceeds and exacerbating IPO underpricing.


Consistent with this prediction, we find that the discontinuously higher institutional ownership of the top Russell 2000 index firms significantly increases industry peers likelihood and frequency of issuing management forecasts. The increase in institutional ownership and resultant improvement in the information environment of the top Russell 2000 index firms create pressures on their industry peers to increase voluntary disclosures. ABSTRACT: We document peer effect as an important factor in determining corporate voluntary disclosure policies. Further analyses show that such an effect could be driven by firms incentive to compete for capital. Around the threshold of the Russell 1000/2000 index, the top Russell 2000 index firms experience a significant jump in institutional ownership compared with their closely-neighbored bottom Russell 1000 index firms due to index funds benchmarking strategies. Our identification strategy relies on a discontinuity in the distribution of institutional ownership caused by the annual Russell 1000/2000 index reconstitution.

We argue that company debt held by employees in the form of in-company deposits can monitor risk-taking and facilitate risk discovery. Unlike broad-based equity ownership by employees, ownership of company debt by rank-and-file employees has not received much attention. For a sample of 2104 Japanese firms, using an identification strategy that utilizes a new law in 2003 that changed the priority of employee deposits in bankruptcy and led to large scale withdrawals of employee deposits, we find that employee deposits mitigate firms risk-taking behavior and reduce the agency cost of debt. Employee deposits have historically been widely used in Japan.

We find that XBRL adoption reduces firms stock return synchronicity. XBRL filings make financial data standardized, tagged, and machine readable. The reduction in synchronicity mainly applies to filings under the mandatory program as opposed to the voluntary program. firms to adopt eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) when submitting filings to the U.S. Finally, we find that XBRL adoption also reduces price delay. ABSTRACT: We examine how information-processing cost affects investors acquisition of firm-specific information using a natural experiment resulting from a recent mandate requiring U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Furthermore, such an effect is more pronounced for opaque and complex firms.

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The laboratory he leads organized much wide-ranging and detailed research. Bai has made many contributions to STM study nationally and internationally. Bai has also devoted himself to shortening the scientific distance between China and foreign countries. Bai Chunli is one of the pioneers in the field of scanning probe microscopy. He has created a team which aims to increase cooperation between China and the United States on the issue of regularly using energy sources.

Bai conducted research in areas such as polymer catalyst structure and property, organic compounds of crystal structure X-ray diffraction, molecular mechanics and conductive polymers of EXAFS, etc. He has been engaged in the study of scanning tunneling microscopy, which has been a significant field in nanotechnology (NT), since the mid-1980s. Furthermore, he has earned many other awards such as Internationalism[clarification needed] which is awarded by the International Chemical Industry association. Many of his works, both in Chinese and English, have been published by Germany Springer Publish Company and Scientific Company and many other publishing houses.

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