Anyang Halla (@2.1) vs HK Sakhalin (@2.63)

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Anyang Halla will win

Anyang Halla – HK Sakhalin Match Prediction | 04-10-2019 06:00

Halla did not have another player in the top 10.[24] The team once again led the league in short-handed goals and gave up the fewest short-handed goals against along with the Oji Eagles.[25] In the playoffs the Halla faced the Nippon Paper Cranes in the first round. Halla lost each game by a single goal. Martinec continued to contribute many assists to the team and finished in second place with 29, one point off first. The next season saw the AL further reduce the number of games played to just 30. In the pre-season Halla won the Anyang Cup, which is a pre-season tournament held in Anyang.[23] The team's record in the regular season remained relatively the same and they finished again in fifth place. He finished in fourth place in the overall point totals. During the regular season the two teams split their series, each winning two games. Lee Yu-Won was the top offensive player with 16 goals and was tied for fourth place with three other players. The playoffs told a different story, and Nippon swept Halla in three games.

The logo changed names and the uniforms had colored shoulders removed from them. The away jerseys feature a solid white background with dark blue striped borders on the cuffs and bottom of the body, it also contains the same rough blue shapes behind the trim. As the team changed its name from the Winia to the Halla the uniforms had minor changes made to them. The current home jerseys feature a solid blue background with yellow stripes on the cuffs and bottom of the body as well as a number of blue rough shapes behind the gold trim as well as sponsor logos on the shoulders.

The admission fee was waved and instead fans were asked to make donations. In 2008 they had two charity games on 27 and 28 December. As a team and organization the Halla have engaged in charitable work. The proceeds were donated to the poor children of Anyang city as well as the sick children's hospital.[59][60] On 19 December 2009 The Anyang Halla organization donated 20,000 won for each goal that had been scored in the season to charity, totaling just over 2 million won.[61] On 25 and 26 December 2010 Halla repeated their charity game series, and offered free admission to the game in exchange for donations to the sick children's hospitals in Gyeonggi Province.[62] After the cancellation of the final series, the team held a charity game on 22 March 2011 to raise money for the Japanese earthquake victims.


The teams mascots are a male and female polar bear. The male polar bear wears the Halla home jersey and the female polar bear wears the away jersey. She also wears a white skirt and has red eyes.

After the collapse of the Korean Ice Hockey League in 2003 they were the only team to survive. In 2005 the team relocated and took the name of their new hometown as their own, playing all current home games out of the Anyang Sports Complex Arena. At its inception the team was based out of Mok-dong, Seoul and named the Mando Winia. In the following season Halla again finished in first and won the semi-final and final series giving them their first play-off series win and first Asia League Championship. Asia League announced Halla and Tohoku Free Blades as the co-champions. However, they failed to defeat the Nippon Paper Cranes in the semi-finals. The club captured their second AL title after the league cancelled the championship final due to the earthquake in Japan. They joined four Japanese teams to create the new Asia League Ice Hockey. In 1998 the team took the name of Mando's parent company, Halla. After two years of finishing in fifth place, they became the first non-Japanese team to finish first in the regular season in 200809.

It is one of the founding and current members of the Asia League Ice Hockey (ALIH).[3] Formed in 1994, it is the oldest professional ice hockey team, and one of only three professional teams, in South Korea. Anyang Halla (Korean: ) is a professional ice hockey team based in Anyang in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

A growling polar bear is shown protruding from the top half of the triangle and underneath the team name "Halla" is shown in stylized gold letters. Below the team name is a semicircular shape which contains the city name "Anyang" in white letters on a blue background. The Anyang Halla logo features a black triangle in the background surrounded by a white and black border.

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The series began in Japan, but Halla took two of three games and upon returning to South Korea they won the fourth game of the best-of-five series and knocked the Eagles out.[56] The Free Blades defeated the Cranes and Halla were set to face them on 12 March 2011 in Sendai, Japan. Cho Min-ho also made the top ten ranking and finished in eight place with 18 goals. The team was second in the league in goals scored with 65.[50] Halla retained Dustin Wood who was brought in as a replacement in the previous season. However, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Sendai area about one hour after the team landed there to prepare for the games.[57] The League immediately cancelled the three games scheduled in Sendai and on 22 March 2011 they officially cancelled the final series, award co-championship titles to both Anyang Halla and Tohoku Free Blades.[58] This decision made Halla only the second team to capture back-to-back championships since the league's inception. They also finished fifth in goals scored with 130, one behind High1, but allowed the second fewest goals with 94, three behind the Eagles.[52] While the team's penalty kill was ranked fifth in the league, they were tied for the most short-handed goals with the Cranes with six goals. Overall Cho Min-ho led the team with 44 points and finished ninth in the league.[54] Dustin Wood led the team in penalty minutes with 45.[55] With their fourth-place finish, Halla had to face the Eagles in the first round of the playoffs. Like the previous season, Halla lost the opening game against High1. On 14 November 2010 the team defended their Korea Domestic Championship title against High1 by defeating them 51 in the final game of the week-long tournament.[51] After finishing first two consecutive years, Halla finished in fourth place one point behind the Free Blades. However, they once again found themselves on top at the midpoint of the season. Their powerplay was ranked third, and they gave up the second fewest short-handed goals.[53] Brock Radunske led the team with 20 goals and finished fourth in the league. Kim Ki-sung was the only Halla player to make the top ten in assists and finished in tenth place with 27. They won their season series against all teams except the Cranes and Eagles.

In the 200506 season Halla improved on the previous year's performance finishing in second place. Martinec ranked number two on the total points list while Song finished in fourth place.[16] Halla also scored the most short-handed goals of any team in the league with 11.[17] The city of Anyang won an award for being "The best Hockey Town in Asia".[7] The team made the play-offs for the first time since the league's formation. They received a bye in the first round and played Kokudo, the winner of the third place and sixth place match-up. They were eliminated in the fourth game which was played in Kokudo's home rink by a score of 51.[18] Kokudo went on to be the league champions for the second year in a row. Song Dong-hwan was the leader in goals for the league with 31 and Patrik Martinec ranked second in assists with 44. Anyang won only a single game out of the first three which were played on home ice. The league saw a reduced season of only 38 games.

It was so named because Mando is a subsidiary company of Halla and Winia is a brand of air conditioner sold by the company.[5] In 1997 the team was disbanded for a short time during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. The team was founded in 1994 by the Halla Group to help promote hockey in Korea. The Halla Group also felt that by creating an ice hockey team, it would help them to fulfill their role as a responsible corporation by providing something to the community.[1] The team was originally named "Mando Winia".